Integration of the Umbrella, Man!

“Students, I would like to welcome an honored speaker from the Jungian Institute who is going to discuss the Jungian integration of the Shadow.”

Before the teacher can continue, the students leap to their feet screaming and choking back tears, “There will be no discussion of the Integration of the Shadow!”

And with that, the students turn into squealing pigs full of sharp teeth. In a matter of minutes the teacher and the guest speaker are ripped to pieces. As they slowly bleed out, the students march out chanting in unison, “NEVERLAND! NEVERLAND! NEVERLAND!”

David Cassidy stands up with his pink lemonade in his hand and grabs his umbrella, tears streaming down his beautiful face and slowly leaves the auditorium.

UN FACT: The Partridge Family Temple loves Peter Pan Peanut Butter.

Umbrella Man photo by Whale Song Partridge
Outraged Student by The Partridge in the Pear Tree


Pft! All is Flowing Family of God inspirational poster for workplace or mediation chamber by Whale Song Partridge and Ray Kroc.


Brother Boyd sent me the bestseller, “Will You Die for Me: The Man Who Killed For Charles Manson Tells His Own Story” by Tex Watson as told to Chaplain Ray the other day. As I was reading the chapters where Tex explains in great detail about The Family and Charlie decoding the White Album by The Beatles, it reminded me of the early days when Dan and I would decode The Partridge Family LPs obsessively into the wee hours of the morning high on LSD and GOD.

People thought we were crazy for hearing what we did on those fantastic Partridge long players. It reminded me of the great zeal and joy that the Manson Family had listening to the White Album. You couldn’t help but get caught up in the joy of those young kids and Charlie Manson really, really enjoying a double record by one of the most important, amazing and bestselling bands of all time.

As musicians and artists, you want people to really, really enjoy your music. The Beatles must have been absolutely beside themselves when they found out after the murders that the Manson Family really, really enjoyed the White Album. A lot of people felt the White Album was indulgent and some of the songs were sub par. Not the Manson Family. They loved ALL the songs. Even Honey Pie had coded messages for Charlie. Can you believe that? Honey Pie! No stone unturned.

That’s exactly how members of The Partridge Family Temple feel about the Partridge records. People can call us crazy, kooks and even nuts for what we hear in the mind-blowing songs those revolving vinyl discs hold. Reading this book, I wondered, “Is Charles Manson and his Family obsessive record snobs?”

I don’t think so. I think they were doing their thing in the desert. They had a bus and Helter Skelter was coming down fast…for them, they had their own karma trip laid out and they were proof that contrary to what people say, The Beatles were in fact a bad influence on some people. Just ask Sharon Tate’s sister. But the Pft! keep listening to those records revolving in our minds and listening to the coded messages from Keith, Laurie, Christopher, Danny, Tracy and Shirley and we smile as the sun rises.

UN FACT: The Manson Family believed the truth is One. The Partridge Family Temple believe that the truth is Fun.

UN FACT: The Partridge Family Temple has no desire to start or be involved in a Race War but we do enjoy listening to the White Album.

UN FACT: The Partridge Family Temple has been listening to Sound Magazine and we now know without a doubt that ALBUQUERQUE IS COMING DOWN FAST!

A Message from The Partridge Family Temple: Whale Song Partridge
A Message from The Partridge Family Temple: The Partridge in the Pear Tree

The Founder

Our founder Adam Sleek, who has since departed to the Enchanted Land of Albuquerque, was living in Denver the Summer of ’88. Adam started grooming me to spread the God Sound when I would stay at his house that summer. The two albums he used were The Partridge Family Shopping Bag and the Partridge Family Notebook. He had other Partridge records there but these were the ones he specifically chose. I was a clumsy, confused disciple walking through the forest like a baby faun, on trembling legs.

Adam, who was named after the first Adam, loved eating his old lady’s apple pie and knew a thing or two. So like all good gurus he shared. Day in and day out Shopping Bag and Notebook would play on his turntable. He would stroke his goatee and smile as the music started to awaken my morning rider on the road.

One day Brother Dan came over and I said, “You have to listen to this music.”

And so Adam Sleek put Shopping Bag or Notebook on for Brother Dan and his two ears became one. Around this time, Adam Sleek had me draw a gigantic version of the Shopping Bag album on his wall. His roommate Tom didn’t particularly like us listening to The Partridge Family but Tom didn’t particularly like Adam Sleek waking him up in the middle of the night cleaning, blasting music, turning all the lights on and telling Tom he was lazy.

Then when Tom finally fell back to sleep, Adam would sleep on his mattress on the floor until two or three in the afternoon. What Tom didn’t understand was that Adam Sleek was using a very intense teaching method, trying to knock Tom out of his comfort zone to achieve a form of awareness because The Partridge Family was not working for him.

Soon Brother Tom couldn’t take it anymore because Adam would turn his bass amp all the way up and put it upside down so the neighbors below could hear the bass throbbing. Adam was trying to teach the downstairs neighbors about lead and how one has to deal with the base nature of life. The cops were called a few times. Adam Sleek being a divine avatar would always get out of it. I think once he explained that he had a sugar addiction which was true; sugar would affect him like methamphetamine. He would also plug the turntable through his bass amp and turn the music up even higher. Dan and I loved this but the neighbors did not.

Brother Tom eventually trucked his way down to Salt Lake City but Dan and I continued our spiritual instruction. Soon he and I were driving his black 70’s car up and down the streets of Denver to Boulder after Dan made copies of Shopping Bag and Notebook. Soon the other albums would find their proper place in the tape deck.

But Adam Sleek knew as he came down the mountain holding Shopping Bag in his right hand and Notebook in his left that he was laying down the law. He truly was a Bell Records Moses and he parted the Red Sea of our confusion.

We had heard that before he died, the one thing he was very happy about was not so much about the religion but as he would tell people, “I’m so happy that people finally understand how great The Partridge Family are.”

The Partridge Family Temple is eternally thankful and will always remember our founder, Adam Sleek. Friend and lover. 1965-2004

Pft! recollections by The Partridge in the Pear Tree
Pft! Reuben Kincaid Law Giver by Whale Song Partridge