I was lying in bed smiling when my old lady, K is for Kaleidoscope walked in and said, “Did you hear that they found a picture that no one has ever seen, of Helen Keller?”

As soon as her pink tongue finished, I flashed on what Helen Keller represented. We are all Helen Keller. We are all blind, deaf and dumb to the God Scene.

Helen Keller’s guru was Anne Sullivan. God is very patient with us as we bite, kick and scream. God strokes our hair and puts on a white, soft long-sleeve sweatshirt with a yellow smiley-face. Then God picks you up and puts you in a Volkswagen bug. You put the key in and turn the ignition. You start to drive and you instantly rear end a mother and her daughter. You then panic and drive forward, crashing into a light post.

At this point, your guru opens up the door and slides into the passenger seat, putting their hands on your hands, and their feet on your feet. You start to drive again, slowly but Shirley Partridge. As you trust your guru, who wears impossibly with-it gear, you start to drive with more awareness. You can see through the headlights, as if their your eyes. The wheels are your elbows and knees. The stick shift is your spinal column. Flower pedal to the Sunshine metal. Now you’re truckin’ with God.

The funny thing was, Anne Sullivan was an atheist. Helen was a Swedenborgian. And God is a theme park in Anaheim, California.  

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