You have a very beautiful umbrella. Thanks. My Mother gave it to me. Who’s your mother? You know Keith Partridge? Shirley’s dreamy son? Yeah, that cat’s mom. Wow. He’s really groovy. Did you ever turn-on with him? No. But his little brother Danny got me high. What did he get you high on? The Shadow Scene! What’s that?

The Partridge Family Temple loves the Sun. Flashbulbs, lanterns, candles, strobe lights and God. People seem to say they love God. That God is love and light, which is probably is true at the end of the great, TV sitcom episode. But, we at The Temple, also understand that the Sun blows your mind with shadows. You can’t have fun without the other. Everything horrible, hideous, horrifying was created by Something. For all we know, cancer could very well be God’s favorite creation. It’s perfect, isn’t it? The way it does it’s thing. It’s kind of like the Energizer Bunny; it keeps going and going and going. 

Do you still think that God is Love? We do! Why? Because we believe that Shirley Partridge is the Mother of All Things Great and Small. We understand that it becomes a real drag to deal with the Heavy Matter Scene day after day. And some days you don’t want shadow and cookies. But Mom places them down on the TV tray, smiles and pats you on the head. You smile back and ask for seconds. The TV of God has many channels. Some good, some bad. But you really need to watch all of them. If it helps, make some Jiffy Pop. 

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