A brown-haired, buck-toothed, bug-eyed boy is running around yelling on the front yard. A blonde woman appears at the front door and sweetly asks the brown-haired boy to be quiet. The brown-haired boy keeps making machine gun noises and running in circles. She goes back inside.

But then the brown-haired boy throws a rock through the window. That does it. The blonde-haired woman marches outside and grabs the brown-haired boy by the ear. She drags him through the living room and into the kitchen. She turns on the oven and shoves him inside. She sets the timer and then sits down and has a refreshing glass of ice cold pink lemonade.

Later, she calls her children down for dinner. A brown-haired teenager and his brown-haired sister sit down. On the other side of the table, is a chubby, orange-haired, freckled creature and his orange-haired, freckled sister. They stare at the empty seat where their bug-eyed, brown-haired brother should be seated.

The blonde, beautiful woman smiles at her children and then the oven timer goes off. She turns around, opens up the oven, and pulls out a new child. This one doesn’t have bug eyes, buck teeth or brown hair. The new child has chubby cheeks to pinch, perfect, white chomping teeth and a hairdo of blonde perfection. She sits him down at his seat and says, “Welcome home. We’ve been waiting for you.”

The others ask, “Can you play the drums?”

The blonde child smiles and pulls two drumsticks out. 

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