In Flower Power Land, Christopher puts his pirate hat on his cute, little blonde head and then adds a black patch because Christopher understands the magic of being a pirate. Standing atop a beautiful hill covered in flowers, the Flower Children gather around him.

Tracy comes around with her trusty tambourine in hand. Wandering over to the Flower Children, she places it in her plastic green purse and pulls out a flaying knife ever so sharp. The Flower Children gather around and bend their heads to the little goddess. She makes quick work slicing all of their flesh from their skulls. The Flower Children sit naked, blood pouring from their grotesque grinning red skulls, their eyes glowing with excitement.

After putting her flaying knife back in her cute little plastic purse, Tracy then places a seed under each of their tongues. Some of the Flower Children swallow the seed, others try but start to choke and some spit it out saying it’s too bitter. Tracy frowns sticking her tongue out at those who spit out the seed but her face is alive with happy freckles when she sees those who swallow the seed. Even though she’s not holding her tambourine, it starts to play.

Christopher stands up, pulling out his pirate sword and whispers in their ear. The Flower Children nod their bloody heads as he takes the sword and cuts their eyes out, one by one. The Flower Children sit, their lower bodies slick with bright red blood staining the green, friendly ground.

Christopher sits down and pulls out a little pow wow drum and starts to play a song. He plays the song until the sun sets and the great moon rises and Flower Power Land is alive in a silvery glow. He doesn’t stop playing and when the sun returns to break the moon’s fast Tracy joins Christopher and soon Flower Power Land is alive with the sound of tambourine and drum.

On the floor before them many of the Flower Children lay dead, their ghastly red skulls dried and cracked as the green grass slowly covers their body, sucking them back into the rich earth. But a handful of the Flower Children’s skin had grown back and their hair is long and made of vines, exploding with multi-colored flowers and petals and the smell is as fragrant as a Sunday dinner cooked by Mother Shirley.

The Flower Children jump up clasping hands creating a circle as they start to spin and sing. Christopher gives each of them a pirate hat adorned with a Jolly Roger and their very own eye patch to wear. Because in Flower Power Land, you only need one eye to see.

Sea Robber tale by The Partridge in the Pear Tree
The Flower Who’s Name is Power by Whale Song Partridge

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