In the beginning it was dark and the Great Mother couldn’t see in the kitchen to make breakfast. So she gave birth to the Sun that she named Keith and he lit the kitchen and the universe with light. Soon the Great Mother made pancakes with Aunt Jemima syrup and a fresh pitcher of Tang. It was groovy and Keith ate all of his pancakes.

“Mom”, he asked. “What else are you cooking in the kitchen?”

The Great Mother smiled and her golden hair was golden. As she pulled Laurie out of the oven she said, “This is your sister. Some call her the Moon.”

Then the timer went off and standing there was a creature that smelled of sulfur and who wore a cloak of flame. His head was adorned with dancing red freckles and on his feet he wore green, low top tennis shoes.

Soon Christopher, Tracy, trees, oceans, stars, bric-a-brac, Rhoda, The Banana Splits, flowers, cats, war, pudding, Ray Kroc, lambs, toadstools, death, castles, 76 gas stations, highways, Butter Brickle ice cream, birthday cakes, stained glass, Mondrian, Allen Funt, Hinduism, birds singing in the morning, cancer, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, reality TV, darkness, seeds, bubblegum and sundaes with whipped cream on top all flowed from the Great Mother.

Then when she was done she was pleased but tired. Tracy asked, “Mommy, there’s so many dishes in the kitchen. Can I please help you?”

Shirley looked down at her lovely new daughter and with honey tears of cosmic joy said, “Yes, I would appreciate that.”

The Great Mother gave Tracy a little apron all her own to wear. Soon Christopher, Laurie and Keith joined in to help their mother clean the kitchen, all except for Danny. Laurie asked, “Hey little brother. Why aren’t you helping clean the kitchen?”

Danny smiled and said, “That’s not why Mom made me.”

“Oh, yeah?” asked Laurie. “What gives? Why did Mom make you?”

Danny’s freckles danced on his face and he said, “I make the mess and you clean it up. It’s a pretty simple exchange and I think I come out ahead in this deal. I get a plate of cookies and milk after school and sometimes before bed. Right, Mom?”

The Great Mother turned and smiled, wiping her hands on the apron and said, “That’s right, Danny. But if you don’t help clean the kitchen I’ll be too tired to bake those cookies for you or milk the cow for your delicious glass of milk.”

Danny nods, shuffles his feet and then joins in because after all, we are nothing without the Great Mother. If we don’t work with her we shall never drink the milk that flows from her ocean of bliss.

On this day the Partridge Family Temple celebrates Mother’s Day, a high holiday celebrating the greatest Mom who ever existed. We at The Temple understand that our Mother truly has the whole world in her hands. PRAISE SHIRLEY!

Mother Nature scripture by The Partridge in the Pear Tree
Every day is Mother’s Day image by Whale Song Partridge


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