TRAGER WARNING: Major TV Spoilers!

This is a clip from Episode 4, Season 7 “Poor Little Lambs” on FX’s hit series, “Sons of Anarchy” which is also a beautiful show about God.

Tig: Where did you come from?

Venus: Well my sweet Alex. I was born of a man but I believe my true Genesis happened a bit later when I was stirred by the Gods of love and beauty and transformed into an angel who’s sole purpose is to bring light to the shadows and a little bit of joy to all those lost souls who can no longer find it.

Tig: Yes.

The last episode which people like to call the 3rd episode, has a scene where the new female sheriff in Charming town talks about the above to Chibs who later talks about the below. This leads into what is commonly known as the 4th episode. Kurt Sutter is high-fiving God on all cylinders this season.

Tig has been shot and is lying on a couch. Venus says she’ll take care of him. What was said, please see above. Venus’s character is Hermaphroditus. She explains how her mother is Aphrodite. She says how she’s been stirred together. Also that she’s an angel an angel being a messenger of God. Her father is of course the God Mercury who is a messenger. Hermaphroditus is sometimes painted with wings like an angel. She puts her hand on Trigger’s chest symbolizing the heart hot-wheel with a six-pointed star. The union of male and female. Tig then kisses her and that union is complete.

Later towards the end of the episode after a bomb goes off at the ice cream store SCOOPS Chibs can see that Althea is upset and drives her home. This is unusual because outlaws hate the fuzz. But he puts his hand on her hand, squeezes it and another union of opposites makes for a wonderful ending to a wonderful episode. Who knows what will happen with this hot new couple Chibthea.

In the beginning of the episode when Jax asks Venus for a favor she says this to Jax and the other club members.

Venus: I feel we’re connected on a deeper vibration.

They all laugh and it’s a funny scene. But the funny thing is they really are connected on a deeper vibration. And God holds the TV clicker.


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