If you haven’t watched Sons of Anarchy up to the final season and you plan on it, stop reading this and go watch “Rhoda”.

God created an insect named Kurt Sutter in the television hive. Kurt Sutter is a lovely man and created a wonderful TV show called Sons of Anarchy. It’s now in it’s final Seventh Season. I just watched Season 1-6 back to back, which I think is the most violent TV show I’ve ever watched. It’s an enjoyable show, it’s entertaining and it makes me sick to my stomach with nerves.

However I realized on one of the last episodes in Season 5 that the show is actually a spiritual television event on FX. Nero asks Jax why he hasn’t gotten out of the club yet and Jax asks Nero why he hasn’t taken his kid to the farm he’s been saving for and why he is still acting like an O.G.

I realized that SAMCRO is SAMSARA. SAMCRO is suffering. Jax keeps trying to leave it but keeps getting sucked back in; the constant cycle of death and rebirth. In fact it’s a Motor(cycle) Club. Throughout the show the MC runs guns. Jax’s father John wanted to get out of the gun game and was killed by Jax’s stepfather Clay with his mother’s blessing.

Throughout the show you are constantly reminded that these are real bikers so there’s a lovely crudeness. They’re constantly talking about pussy. Jax in Season 6 has a meeting with the bikers in different charters and explains that his father’s plan and his plan is to get out of guns and go legit. He says basically we’re trading bullets for pussy. This seems normal, they’re bikers. Than I realized it was so obvious I didn’t even see it, which is the best kind of obvious. That guns = death and pussy = life.

Sons of Anarchy is a Buddhist television show. Jax’s old girlfriend who is a doctor comes back to town and they realize they still love each other. She is a healer and helps children. Her name is Tara, a Buddhist goddess.

Another thing I noticed when I started watching it from the first season back to back to the seventh season, was that for a gritty biker show, there sure was a lot of coffee-drinking going on. Sure they drink and smoke grass but I noticed that they were always drinking coffee. At first I thought, “How homey and cozy”. But then I thought, “I’ve been using coffee as a symbol for “waking up” for years.” Buddha is “the awakened one”. The goal is to become the Awakened One. Nothing wakes you up like a nice cup of coffee.

Chibs, the jolly Scottish biker wears Buddhist prayer beads which I thought was odd at first unless Buddha told me different. The character Happy, who is a real-life biker, is also a real-like practicing Buddhist.

In the final episode of the Sixth Season, Jax’s mother Gemma kills his wife Tara. Throughout the show, Gemma talks about the burden of lies and how you have to bury them. Jax doesn’t know that his mother killed his wife. Gemma is Maya; illusion, the great lie. Jax has been trying to not come back to SAMCRO for six season but after his wife is brutally murdered he just wants revenge. Everything he’s involved in is because of his mother who is Maya. All the karma is stacking up like all the dead bodies stacking up on the show. Jax has not been drinking his coffee.

 The last season’s final episode when Tara died, the nice sheriff Roosevelt was also murdered. So now in the final season there’s a new sheriff who for the first time is a woman named Althea Jarry. I don’t know her story yet because I’ve only seen her in three episodes. But Althea means, “healing”, “to make whole”. Throughout the show they always talk about “trying to get whole”.

In Episode 3, Season 7 “Playing with Monsters”, Chibs meets with Althea thinking she’s a crooked sheriff. She may or may not be but he asks some favors from her and she keeps saying, “it has to come from above”. And then she asks for info from him. Right on target he says, “Hey, that’ll come from below”. She asks about Chib’s scars on his face then shows a scar on her stomach and says it happened on Easter by one of her exes.

Sons of Anarchy is a beautiful gorgeously painted Buddhist allegory. Check back for another recap of God.


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