The people stare in the sky as a meteorite falls to Earth. It slams into the park a few blocks away. The people run up to it. In a smoking crater is a gigantic boulder that is cracked in half. Out of it crawls a shadowy figure. It finds it’s footing and walks up to the crowd. Flashlights illuminate the Being.

Standing before them is an adorable six-year old blonde girl wearing a green dress with puffy white sleeves and adorable red, patent leather shoes. Atop her golden tresses sits a proud silver tiara. She’s bare foot and as she walks, flowers spring from her toes and fill the night air with flower magic, which amazes the people because it’s the dead of winter.

She bows before the throng and says, “Does anyone have a can opener? I have a whole crate of Dole Pineapple Chunks that I’d love to share with you.”

People shrink back in fear. Someone screams, “We have no can opener for you, Demon!”

The radiant child laughs and says, “Boy this is a tough crowd. I’ll be here all night but it won’t be out of sight because we won’t be eating fruit made out of delight.” 

Finally a voice cries out, “I have a can opener!” croaks a bum.  

The child smiles and says, “Thank you, kind sir.” 

The hobo walks up and gives the can opener to the Child from the Boulder. She promptly pulls out a can of Dole Pineapple Chunks and opens it, handing it to the kind trampoline of God. “Here. You get the first can.”

He puts it to his dry, hungry lips and starts gulping the Dole pineapple chunks and it’s juice. The crowd draws back screaming, “LEAVE! Don’t feed the bums!”

The bum smiles and sits down in the snow. Grass starts to grow beneath him and then the grass starts to grow all over his body. And as this happens, he starts to grow bigger and bigger until he’s over twenty feet tall. And then flowers explode all over his body and a few small trees. He no longer looks like a human being. Just a gigantic moving mountain with arms and legs. His mouth opens and is now a cave out of which a mountain goat leaps. It climbs to the top of his mountain head.

The little blonde girl smiles and the living mountain puts his left hand down onto the ground so she can walk upon it. He raises her to the top of his head and sets her next to the mountain goat. At that moment the mountain goat’s eyes turn to golden search lights and scan the people below them. Then they turn off. The girl climbs on the mountain goat’s back and on they go into the cave which shuts behind them. The gigantic, green, flower-encrusted mountain creature turns around and slowly walks down Pearl Street and into the mountains.


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