Honey swirls around you with sticky, warm happiness. Gigantic lime-green and orange pulsating orbs of jelly hum and vibrate a beautiful song. Then a fresh-baked silver star cookie hugs you and brushes your hair with a bumblebee comb, striped black and yellow and buzzing as flowers pink, yellow and blue grow as tall as trees around you. The forest floor is made out of pink Easter basket grass. You laugh and roll in the grass as fairies with yellow hair, yellow mini dresses and yellow plastic sandals float on yellow wings laughing merrily.

It’s then time to turn the orange pudding television on. You can eat the knobs and the TV clicker is made out of chocolate fudge; the best that you’ve ever had. Even better to turn the channel and watch all the beautiful commercials. You laugh aloud when you actually see a commercial for chocolate fudge and soon the chocolate fudge woman with long, flowing, chocolate fudge hair takes you by the hand as you climb the gigantic, purple grape, hard candy mountain. Along the path, delicious yellow and green flowers and vines to eat ever so sweet.

At the top sits a giggling marshmallow man with long, marshmallow hair and a marshmallow beard. He allows you to pinch his marshmallow cheeks and even to lick the marshmallow that sticks to your fingertips. Then the marshmallow man turns and points to the cave behind him. Finally you’re inside the cave staring at the blue, crystal candy stalactites and sliding down the lime-green lollypop steps, your feet sticky with adventure excitement.

Soon you come to a gigantic, crystal glass, lemon-yellow honeycomb door. The door knocks three times and as you clap your hands and your eyes open wide, the honeycomb door opens and standing there is The Partridge Family and you’re just in time for breakfast. As you pour pink lemonade syrup on your clear glass pancakes, Danny explains that The Partridge Family Temple is a Safe Space for all the people who understand that there is no such thing as a Safe Space. Then he pours you a thick, frothy glass of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

Safe Space Window Placement by Whale Song Partridge
Safe Space Honey Adventure by Shaun Partridge

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