Hi, how you doing? Some people wonder why The Partridge Family Temple uses God so much. Do we actually believe in God or are we being ironic? Believe it or not we believe in God. But hold onto your horses. We’re the first to admit we have no idea if God exists or what God really is.

We like the word God because it’s a barometer. What does the word God mean to you? How does it make you feel? Do you do a soft shoe shuffle while snapping your fingers? Do you laugh out loud? Do you ball your hand up into a fist, clenching your teeth?


You see, we have absolutely no proof that God actually exists nor can we prove that God doesn’t exist. And yet as we peel back the aluminum foil of our TV dinner and settle into our comfortable chair, we pick up the clicker and turn God on.

The word God is quite simply pleasant to look at and conjures up all kinds of wonderful images; good and bad. And that’s the thing. We believe that God is both. All at once. The most beautiful black and white TV show that you’ve ever watched. NOW IN LIVING COLOR!

You see, God isn’t cool. God will never be hip. God is humiliation. Embarrassment. Loving God is constantly being thrown into the lockers at Brown Goblin high school. And you can play hooky, but the truant officer will always grab you by your ear. This is to symbolize that you’re not listening.

God wants to break you down one cancelled pilot at a time until finally you get the right part. And if you’re lucky, and the grace of God falls upon you, you’ll be picked up for syndication forever and ever. God is the audience watching your TV show. Are you comfortable with the audience watching whatever you do? Are you comfortable with the fact that you’re the audience?


Sufism / Islam
Bollywood / Hinduism
Gnosticism / Christianity
Alchemy / McDonald’s
Naropa University / Buddhism
Burning Man / Paganism
Kabbalah / Judaism
Father Ted / Catholicism
The All is Flowing Family of God / The Partridge Family Temple

God Seminar by The Partridge in the Pear Tree

Educational New Age Pop by Whale Song Partridge


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