Reuben Kincaid, the manager of The Partridge Family died on January 16, 2014. If it wasn’t for him becoming their manager, the world sadly would not have the most fun religion ever to exist. And how did this all start?

Rueben Kincaid walks into a bathroom stall, pulls his slacks down and starts to take a deep, rich shit. At that moment, Danny Partridge creepy crawls into the bathroom leaving his sister Tracy to guard the door. He slides a tape recorder under the stall door with his band for Rueben to hear. Rueben hears it and is enlightened.

And the rest is TV GOD POWER history. 



Rueben asks if Danny and Tracy are part of a flaky religion. Not yet! But soon. 

Danny and Tracy both wear blue when they first go to room 401 to talk to Reuben. When Rueben opens the door he’s also wearing blue pajamas. Much to learn from this color choice. 

Danny, the Fire Freak slides the tape recorder under the stall because the toilet is a symbol of the Root Chakra where Mother Shirley Partridge sleeps, dreaming of your TV Sitcom. 

Also, Danny and Rueben understand that one must deal with the shit; Danny is sulfur and Rueben understands that he’s going to take a lot of shit by taking The Partridge Family on. When one deals with the absolute truth one has to deal with all the ugly, unpleasant realities of Life. 

Reuben Kincaid is a five-time Finger Fuck Champion and an undefeated Finger Fuck Champion in the states of Alaska and Hawaii. 

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