The Partridge Family Temple lives in the Now, 24-hours a day. We also like to celebrate extra groovy holidays. Here’s a list:

Easter: High Temple Holiday. This is to the Temple what Hanukkah is to the Jew Set. Christmas for the Christmas Freaks, Ramadan for the Muslim Session. You get the picture. What is Easter? All we know is that eggs are involved and that’s God enough for us. 

Altamont: We at the Temple, understand that a breakfast table isn’t complete without salt and pepper. This is our great goddess, Nature worship Session. You can have all the groovy intentions in the World for peace and love. But at the end of the day, Nature wears an iron glove, and she doesn’t pull punches. I wonder if people wore a flower in their hair in San Francisco after the 1906 Earthquake. 

Casa Bonita Day: Celebrated on Cinco de Mayo. Casa Bonita is the high, holy pink Spanish castle in Lakewood, Colorado. The Temple has been organizing spiritual, All-You-Can-Eat Retreats there since the late ’80’s. The Temple was always bummed out after the holidays after Easter,  so we decided to add another major one in the Spring. We celebrate the Great Work that is Casa Bonita by eating cheese enchiladas, making homemade sopapillas, taco platters and guacamole. Shirley painted Casa Bonita pink for a reason.

Walt Disneyland: You can celebrate this on July 18th, when the park opened or on his birthday, December 5th. Either one will do, as long as you realize this is the closest you’ll ever get to God on this Blue Marble. 

The Golden Arches of Ray Kroc: This is celebrated on April 15th when Ray opened his first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois. Or on his birthday, October 5th. You go to McDonald’s or you can get in the lotus position and realize your lungs look like the Golden Arches and imagine a round cheeseburger for “O” and a gigantic, gold “M”. 


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