Snake feels her hand go up and down his shaft. Her mouth, he thinks, was designed for suck-jobs. He lies back on her bed as the sun slowly rises. The sun slowly illuminates Laurie’s bedroom.  He smiles and looks down at her bobbing, parted-in-the-middle, long brown hair. She looks up and stares him in the eyes. It’s at this point, he realizes that Laurie’s skin is completely orange. “Is it the crank?” he wonders.But at that moment, the only thing that matters, is that sweet, sweet mouth. And the way she swallows his cum, like he’s  a god.

There’s a quick knock at the door. And before Snake can zip up his pants, Tracy is in her soft pajamas and her sweet, high-pitched voice she chirps, “Laurie? Mommy has breakfast for you and your guest.”

Laurie turns around and licks her glistening lips.

Meanwhile, Snake sits down at the breakfast table. Keith is already out the door mumbling something about, “I’ll grab some donuts on the way.” Danny is pouting in the corner, glaring at his pancakes. Chris is eating his pancakes very quickly, as his eyes roll back in his head. Snake turns and looks at Laurie. It’s not the crank, he realizes. Her skin is completely orange. Shirley calls out from the kitchen, “You guys hungry?”

Laurie says, “Not really, Mom! I just ate” She looks over at Snake and winks.

Shirley starts to ask what she means, but Laurie cuts her off, laughing. “Just kidding, Mom. We’re starving.”

Shirley comes out of the kitchen and places a hot plate of flapjacks in front of Snake. He smiles and thanks her. She then places a plate in front of Laurie. It’s empty. But then Snake sees a bag of carrots in Shirley’s hands. “I got you your favorite.”

Shirley then undoes the twist-tie and pours the entire bag of carrots on her plate. Laurie tucks in. In a matter of minutes, she’s eaten at least twelve carrots. Shirley wraps her arm around Laurie, and as she rubs her shoulder she says to Snake, “Isn’t she a good girl?”

Snake smiles and says, “Yeah, she’s great” and squeezes her thigh under the table.

Shirley smiles and then has a serious look. “Snake. I don’t think you realize how great Laurie is.”

Snake starts to explain that he really digs Laurie, when Danny cuts him off and says, “Listen with your eyes and not with your hands.”

He turns and looks at Laurie and almost screams. Her eyes are as orange as a Blythe doll and she’s naked. She stands up, her skin glowing like a thousand orange groves. She whispers into Snakes ear, “Would you like to see everything? Would you like to know everything?”

Snake nervously says, “Sure, babe. Do you have some angel dust or something?”

All the Partridges laugh except for Laurie. “Are you ready, Snake?”

He just nods his head, yes. She takes her orange hands and lays them on his hairy head. His eyes roll back and turn orange. At that moment, he feels like his body is being shot through with a million volts of electricity that’s a song and a language all at once. And then, just like that, he is gone. On the chair is a pile of ashes. Laurie cries out, “Oh, Mom! Am I ever gonna find a boyfriend who’s not a complete goof?”

“One day, honey. You just have to understand, you’re not like other girls.”

Laurie Partridge Scene