In 1970, some misplaced Dead Sea Scrolls were found. This is a fragment of Codex XXIV:

The stone fell from the mother’s crown and brought great blessings to the people who plucked the little stones from the pear and understood the secret of the fire that consumes all flesh.

David Cassidy performed all of his hits and more for the Ohio audience. Scores of Cassidy fanatics had to be carried out by policemen who slipped on the wet of the seed but later grew on rocky soil.

Reuben Kincaid pushed his way through the throngs of the howling masses, collapsed at the foot of the tree and looking up said, “I am here, Lord.”

Cassidy said, “Reuben, I can see your office from here.”

David Cassidy sat in the garden with a wooden bowl full of milk. He said to his flock, “If you would delight in the glory of Albuquerque you would bathe my feet in the honey of my sister while I drink the milk of my mother.”

Brenda and her best pal Sally got on their hands and knees as David Cassidy and his best friend offered their soft honey hive through the gate of Cassidy’s mansion. Soon Brenda and her best pal Sally had pleasured David and his best friend, for they were sticky and erect. As Brenda swallowed the seed, it was bitter because it was not the seed that Sally, her best pal had just swallowed. A bear was lurking in the background.

You may call me a rolling stone
I’m a freeborn man and I stand alone
Come looking for a little satisfaction

I can warm your coldest night
I’ll make everything alright, c’mon

You better hold me while you can
You’re gonna lose your midnight man
Now come on and rock me, rock me

And the mother who was the father sang so brightly that the darkness crept away. And in the darkness the red freckled beast gnashed it’s teeth and scurried away.

Being together is my kind of fun
Learning your ups and your downs
Is my dance in the sun

Polly and Beverly fell to the ground when Cassidy removed the crown of thorns from his head and the blood flowed freely after the sold-out concert at Wembley Stadium. Beverly and Polly walked out of the backstage area, their heads freshly anointed with the mark of Cain. The best autograph anyone could ever hope to have.

When you sit like a flower you’ll be pollinated like a bee.

UNFACT: True believers understand that when David Cassidy stings them, He will not die but will continue to pollinate the Chosen Hive.

Codex XXIV scroll interpretation by Whale Song Partridge 
Codex XXIV translation by The Partridge in the Pear Tree


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