The Pft! People understand that everything has an esoteric silver lining cloud trip happening. I don’t know about you, but who could possibly say anything bad about going to Kentucky Fried Chicken when they were a kid? The Original Recipe that was 11 secret herbs and spices, the Colonel chose to symbolize the eleven-pointed star that the Statue of Liberation stood upon, who is the Divine Shakti.

But here is another Secret Recipe. The Colonel symbolizes the middle pillar; the spinal column in the Great Work of Yoga. The word Colonel comes from the word column. He wears white signifying the color of bone. In his hand he holds a cane which is the Danda staff also symbolizing the straight, erect spinal column.

Not many people know this but Kentucky Friend Chicken is code for Kundalini Fire Column. Because that’s one descriptive way at looking at Kundalini; a pillar of fire that Moses gazed upon in the wilderness.

When we were kids we were more interested in the Spork and wet naps. But like David Cassidy said, “The Colonel will appear when the customer is ready to order.”

In short order, Un-Yoga understands that Colonel Sanders is the spinal column and Benjamin Franklin’s eight-parted snake, Join, or Die simply means the noble eight-fold path because if you don’t join the eight segments of the serpent, you will not have liberation.

The Gadsen flag DON’T TREAD ON ME snake also symbolizes the Kundalini and is tied back to Benjamin Franklin; that lightening freak. And later would be the namesake of Ben Frank’s in Hollywood where The Byrds, Love and Kim Fowley would hang out. The snake is coiled three and a half times like Kundalini at the base of your Colonel Sanders. And that’s finger lickin’ good!

UN-FACT: If you don’t like the Little Bucket Chocolate Creme Parfait you were born without a soul and will never achieve Nirvana.

UN-FACT: Colonel Sanders got in a horrible accident when his Model-T went off a bridge. The skin on his skull split in two and he took mud and pushed his skin back together, never going to the hospital. He did this to show that a house divided cannot stand.

UN-FACT: The Spork symbolizes the union of Sun and Moon by way of fork and spoon, as One.

Un-Yoga Chapter #73 The Partridge in the Pear Tree
Ancient Kundalini image 2017 by Whale Song Partridge

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