The Partridge Family Temple is pleased to announce a brand-new Pft! holiday. It’s called Black Friday and takes place the day after Thanksgiving. We at the Temple understand that God is the ultimate consumer. In a sense the Universe is like a gigantic Walmart and God just can’t wait to consume all that stuff. We also understand that we were created in God’s image which means we are all little consumers. Here today, gone tomorrow. And you know what? God’s gonna stock those shelves again. Maybe it won’t be a dodo bird. Maybe even something way better than a dodo bird.


When you think of Black Friday just think BLACK as in the Black Arts, Black Mother Kali, Richard Pryor, the Black Madonna and her puka shell-wearing Son Freak and the Nigredo. Then you have to think about FRIDAY. You got your German freak Frigg and the in-crowd hangout TGI Fridays, then of course sweet, sweet Venus. Now you dig, these are just groovy incarnations of Shirley Partridge. So starting tomorrow set your alarm clocks for All Consuming God Fun!

Artwork by Whale Song Partridge; Scripture by The Partridge in the Pear Tree

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