One day in November, Keith was sitting around the house, upset over a recent breakup. He had spent the last week wooing a girl who would no longer give him the time of day. Thinking of the girl saddened him, but when he began to think about his friends he got even bluer. Everything was flower power yesterday, but now people only wanted to discuss war. He had spent years writing songs to uplift people and turn them on to the brighter side of life, but it seemed to be doing no good.

He started to think of a way to wake people up, to bring them to consciousness. He decided that by taking a wrathful form he may be able to subdue the people of this Age of Darkness. He realized that the beings in this Dark Age were poor and needy, experiencing only suffering; by adapting a wrathful form he could provide them with an antidote to their pain so that their needs may be met.

As he thought of this, dark blue letters spelling H-U-N-G emerged from his palm and he transformed into the Instantaneous Protector of Wisdom. In all the lands, the ground shook with sexual kind of earthquakes; the people were terrified and turned on at last!

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