Every holiday is a high holiday for The Partridge Family Temple, because when you’re a child holidays are fun and you get to miss school and we all want to enter the kingdom of heaven. But one of our most highest of high holidays is Black Friday!

On this day we celebrate the beauty, the history, the struggles and the achievements of our Black brothers and sisters. We celebrate Angela Davis and Chuck Berry and PP Arnold, Dick Gregory and General Field Marshal Cinque. We celebrate the King of Pop Michael Jackson and Osiris and Ra and Isis and Oprah.

Flip Wilson and Geraldine Jones, Ike and Tina Turner, J.B. Smoove, The Bugaloos bumblebee named Harmony, Bunny Boy from Hollywood who likes to hop around as well as those solid Simon Brothers.

And perhaps most importantly we focus our attention on the cosmic aspects of Blackness, like silent meditation, and the eternal birth and death of light as symbolized by Mother Kali, who is actually Mother Shirley’s Black sister, but is also Mother Shirley Herself.

On this day we wear all white, because there is no blackness without whiteness and the opposite is also true. Also, wearing black is rather cliche and we like to keep things exciting in the bedroom.

Please join us on this Black Friday as we celebrate everything that is, was or will be Black – which is everything!

Black Friday Session by Whale Song Partridge

Sock It To Me Scripture by Seven Up Partridge 

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