But we at The Partridge Family Temple know why you got this tattoo, Danny. Bobby Sherman sang, “In Seattle”. One day, low and behold, Danny Partridge moves to Seattle. This alone was ancient Pft! Prophecy. But then you get a back tattoo and you say you don’t even understand why you got it.

The Space Needle represents the Spine. At the top is the thousand-petaled rotating restaurant or for the lay person, Crown Chakra. The city scape is colored green because Seattle is called The Emerald City. But also because it’s the Emerald Tablet and of course Oz, which you get to by taking the spiral Yellow Brick Road.

Above the Space Needle is a gigantic serpent with a devil’s head. You don’t need a TV Guide to know that this is the Kundalini or as we at the Temple call it, Shirley Power. Behind it are great swirls of wind which symbolizes prana, which one needs to have for the Shirley Power rise. The devil head is Danny, which is the Sacred Fire; the Furnace. All things that grow to Albuquerque are forged in the Hell below.

They say the Kundalini is like a subtle thread that rises through the spine like a needle. Danny chose to get the Space Needle tattoo right on his spine. Danny doesn’t know why he got this tattoo but we do. Because your mother Shirley told us when you guys were jamming in the garage with Bobby Sherman singing , “Stephanie” which means “crown”.


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